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We are always looking for family participants and community based input for our growing program.

Family with Tablet


We are now enrolling families to participate in our virtual program! We work with African American youth aged 10-14 and their caretaker. If you are interested in joining our program,

click the link below, supply your contact information, and a staff will follow up shortly. Or, just email!

Supportive Friend


EMBRace relies on the skills and efforts of our clinicians. Clinicians will conduct individual and family therapy sessions. Successful clinicians will have a willingness to learn new clinical techniques, engage in self-exploration, develop more awareness of cultural identity for self and others, reduce social disparities, and improve youth outcomes.

Business Team Research


EMBRace contributes to the larger body of research on racial stress and trauma, racial socialization, families, and interventions. If you are a researcher interested in learning more about EMBRace, please email us with your inquiry or comments at

Enroll Today!: Get Involved
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